Secure, usable tech for your team.


We believe:

  • Access to secure technology shouldn't be a luxury.
  • Your data should stay in your hands.
  • Technology isn't a goal in itself, it's a tool to get from A to B.

What we do

LaceWing Tech provides cloud storage, team apps (chat, collaborative editing), workshops, consulting and technical support.

In an initial consultation, we help you figure out the best technology solutions for your team, including installation and setup, training for staff, and ongoing support to make sure everything runs smoothly. No matter what your budget, skill level or security needs, we can find technology alternatives for your team that are user-friendly and keep your data secure. The first consultation is free.

We work with you to bake good security practices into your daily habits and then we take care of the rest - encryption, backups, secure & private communication, cloud hosting in Germany in compliance with GDPR, and more.

Our services include:

Hosted, open source apps:

  • Document, Calendar, Contact sync and sharing (Nextcloud)
  • Collaborative editing
  • Chat and Video conferencing

Workshops and local installation:

  • Password manager
  • Virus scanner
  • Email client
  • Encrypted email
  • Laptop, tablet, smartphone & other hardware
  • Custom workshops

Consulting and Support:

  • Email, remote and on-site support
  • We work closely with you to customize your tech given your security needs, skill level, and budget.

Who we work with:

Small and mid-sized companies, activists, self-employed people and artists.

We work with teams anywhere from 1-15 people who are not yet large enough to employ a full or part-time IT person.

About us

Carma Lüdtke
Dipl. FH Ing Technische Informatik, Berlin
15 yrs IT Security und IT Administration
10 yrs Music Production

Laura Pierson Wadden
BA Political Science, Stanford University, CA, USA
5 yrs Software Consulting and Operations Engineering (DevOps)


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The first consultation is free.

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